4 Miracle Phenomenon of Staying Thin In Japan

4 Miracle Phenomenon of Staying Thin In Japan

Are you thinking of travelling to Japan, but you’re worried about your weight, health and overall fitness? I know it’s not a question you get asked often, but if it is well then, you’re in luck. Japan happens to be one of the easiest places to maintain and even shave off some of your unwanted pounds.

Here are 4 things that can help you stay fit and healthy while in Japan!

Japan’s Fish Based Diet

Japan is an island nation, thus meaning its surrounded by water. And just what exactly lives in water? Healthy, lean, saltwater fish, crustaceans and yummy invertebrates (I’m talking about you Mr Octopus).

Map of Japan
Map of Japan

If you’ve ever been to Japan, the one thing you will not have a problem finding is fish. When I studied there in 2016, fish was my primary source of meat. I’d just walk to the nearest convenience store, turn my head to the right and buy myself a nice, meaty package of tuna or salmon (crab if I was feeling sophisticated).

Japan is also the location of the largest fish market in the world. The Tsukiji market boasts an impressive 660,000 tonnes of fish per year, which can either be viewed as terrifying or stunning. You’ll have the option of consuming significantly less saturated fat than if you were consuming red meat (which is a good thing).

Tsukiji Fish Market
Tsukiji Fish Market Vendor

The Wonders of Cycling In Japan

While Japan has an outstanding metro railway system, they also have bike lanes…lots and lots of bike lanes. To break this idea down, I’m going to list some numbers.

  • Japan’s population: 127,370,00
  • Bicycles: 72,540,000
  • Cyclists: ~56.9%
Biking is one of the most popular methods of transportation in Japan
Japanese girl biking to school

Are you getting the idea here yet? Bikes are in abundance! If you decide bike everywhere then you are going to burn some major calories. Exercise is more of a passive act in Japan, in the sense that you don’t even know that you’re doing it. This is partially why staying thin in Japan is so easy. Roads are beyond smooth, and people aren’t jerks when it comes to the bike lanes. Nevertheless, if bike lanes are too quaint for you, then feel free to hike your bike up to the summit of one of Japan’s billions(hyperbole) of mountains and trails.

According to iloveebicycling an average 180lb cyclist riding at a moderate effort will burn approximately 650 calories per hour.

Hmmmm, I wonder how much 650 calories is compared to a hot bowl of ramen.


WOW Its like you never evenScreenshot_2018-08-12 Calories in Tonkatsu Ramen - 1 bowl from Nutritionix.png ate! But still got all the nutrients you needed from that ramen bowl (Ignore the 83% daily value of cholesterol, you’ll live)

So, whenever the time comes, walk your lazy butt over to your bike, before chowing down at the nearest Yoshinoya.spicy-pork-tonkotsu-ramen-bowl-780x675



Walking Makes For Beautiful Scenery

Japan in my honest opinion remains undefeated in natural scenery. I’ve never seen such beautiful images flash before my eyes in a continuous sequence. Gardens, temples, sculptures, pop culture, flashing lights, who in their right mind would want to catch a train for a short 10-minute trip when you could walk through 30 mins of Japan? My biggest regret when I studied abroad in Japan was taking the train so frequently. Not only did I spend tons of money, but I also missed out on a lot of the great scenery Nippon has to offer.


Walking, just like biking burns calories, but most people don’t walk as often as they should, so the caloric burn is barely noticeable. However, I ensure you that if you walk around Japan for a day and just suck up all the natural scenery possible, you wouldn’t even notice when you drop a waist size.

According to verywellfit A 180-pound person burns about 100 calories per mile. If you live in Japan and don’t see things that make you have an eyegasm while you’re walking, then you’re doing it wrong, walk some more.

Crazy Nightlife

Japan’s nightlife is absolutely off the freakin’ charts. Staying thin in Japan has never been easier thanks to the constant raves and footwork culture.Between Shinjuku and Roppongi there are an endless array of clubs, and all of them promise to animate the night scene. I remember when I went club hopping for my birthday… alone (yeah, yeah, I know call me what you want *rolls eyes*). I arrived at The Womb in Shibuya around 10 am then around 12 am I went to club Atom which was right down the street. I When 5 am came around it was time to leave and everyone was drenched in sweat. We(everyone who was in the club) then proceeded to storm the convenience store across the street (conveniently located by the way) and doused ourselves in a gallon of water before stumbling towards the train.

Being thirsty after the nightclub
This was basically how we all looked

The point I’m trying to make is that the nightlife in Japan will have you melting your glycogen stores. This is good, for one reason – timing. When your body hits baseline insulin, you begin burning body fat for fuel, so after a nice long hibernation after a fun night of partying you’ll be more than ready rub down your sides in the mirror and say “WOW”.

Sweating in Japan's Nightlife
Japan’s nightlife summarized in one minimalistic picture.

It’s easy to passively stay fit in Japan, after a long day exploring, eating and partying, you’d be back to square one in the morning. Be sure to take advantage of the nutritional diet, splendid scenery and vivid nightlife in Japan to keep your waist grateful and your soul happy!






Top 10 Must See Attractions In Africa

Top 10 Must Sees In Africa

Many people have made up their minds to visit all the continents in the world during their lifetime. A lot of people have plans to visit Africa on their next vacation but have no idea on where to visit. This article provides information on the top 10 most see landmarks in Africa.

Africa is the second largest continent in the world, it also doubles as the second most populated continent in the world. Known to be one of the poorest continents in the world hasn’t affected the continent from making some breathtaking most see landmarks. Africa has been underrated in terms of choosing a place for vacation. The world-class museums, parks, natural tourist centres have put Africa on the same level as other continents in terms of the quality of fun you get while you are in Africa. If you are a lover of adventure. You should consider going to some of these places.

Here are the top 10 most see landmarks in Africa.

1) The pyramids of Giza in Egypt

The pyramid of Giza, this is one of the seven wonders of the world. The oldest and only one remaining of the seven wonders. Located in Giza which is outskirt of Cairo, the capital city of Egypt. This beautiful site has 6 pyramids to its name. This is one the most loved places for tourist that visit Egypt. You can’t go to Egypt and not go to see the pyramids.

Pyramids of giza in africa

2) Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya

Lake Nakuru is close to Nakuru town. “Nakuru” which means *dusty place” in Maasai, which is one of the popular languages in Kenya. The beautiful Lake Nakuru has a lot of algae gathered around it t, which is one of the things that attract the flamingos. The lake is about 6 feet deep, the lake is also about 1754m above sea level. This is one of the amazing landmarks to visit, with the amazing view of wildlife most especially the pink flamingos.

Lake Nakuru in Kenya - Flamingos

3) Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

This is one of the largest waterfalls in the world. The water that flows through this fall comes from Africa’s largest river – Zambezi river. The Zambezi borders Zimbabwe and Zambia though it is more visible from Zimbabwe. This waterfall was named after a town in Zimbabwe. Over a million people visit this place annually.

Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

4) Mount Sinai, Egypt

This is one of the mountains found in the holy books. This mount is also called Mount of Moses, Mount Horeb or Gabal Musa. This is a must-see for religious folks. This is the mountain where the 10 commandments were given to Moses as recorded in the Holy books. A visit to this mountain will make you feel an inch closer to God.

Mount Sinai Egypt

5) Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Africa’s tallest mountain, not many can boast that they have been here. The mountain is 4,900 meters from the base level. It has 3 cones – Kibo, Mawenzi and Shira. It takes about 6-7 days to get to the top of this mountain. This is a must see place for adventure lovers.

Mount Kilimanjiro

6) Obudu cattle Resort, Nigeria

Located in Obudu plateau in Cross River state, Nigeria. This place was discovered in the mid-1950s. This resort is also close to the Cameroon border. The Obudu mountain is about 1,600m high. The resort also has a beautiful ranch. A visit to Obudu is a visit to nature.

Obudu Cattle Resort

7)Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania

Also known as “Africa’s Garden of Eden”. This is one of the most breathtaking placed you would ever visit in Africa. It is believed that over 3 million years ago there was a volcanic eruption in this place which later created a cone in the volcanic caldera. The volcanic crater forms a beautiful backdrop to the fertile lands around it.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area- The creation crator

8) River Nile, Egypt

This is known to be one of the longest rivers in the world. It is about 6,853km long. Cruises are offered around Cairo and Luxor which are cites around this river. The river has so many creatures in it, ranging from hippocampus, baboons and many species of birds. Most historical site in Egypt is close to this river.

The River Nile In Egypt

9) Lion Park, South Africa

Located in Johannesburg, South Africa. If you need to see a lot of wildlife, this park is the place to see. This has amazing wildlife, you get to see the likes of white lions, cheetahs, Gemsbok, giraffes, zebras and many more.

Lion Park In South Africa

10) Serengeti National park, Tanzania

Located in Mara and Simiyu in Tanzania. About a million wildebeest move yearly from Ngorongoro reserve in the month of January and get to Serengeti around June. They move to Masai Mara in Kenya around September then, they return to their starting point. A visit to Serengeti around June would be a great idea to see the wildebeest migrate from one region to another.

Serengeti National Park
A rainstorm pours over the Serengeti in the distance.


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