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Learning Kanji Step By Step

The Crazy Kanji Rollercoaster

If you’ve ever studied Japanese before you know exactly why that headliner caught your eye. Learning kanji is an entirely different process altogether than learning Japanese. That probably sounds strange because kanji is a part of the Japanese language, but there is a good reason for that statement.

Glossika Review

Glossika Review: Do You Even Lift Bro?

Glossika is a spaced repetition program designed to help the user achieve fluency through audio reps. A rep is similar to what you would do in a gym… only that it’s pertaining to language learning muscle. The idea is to repeat and mimic the native speaker so often that eventually you achieve “fluency”.

Learning Swahili Week 1

Hello everyone! Swahili has been on my list of languages for a while now and I’ve decided to finally start tackling it head-on. My reasons for learning Swahili aren’t too complicated but simple enough. One of the largest lingua franca in Africa – yes I’ll be in Africa […]