Language Learning: The Netflix Chronicles

July 2018

What’s on my list?

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Language: Japanese

Difficulty: Intermediate Advance

Vocabulary Theme: Martial Arts/ Criminology

Episode Length: 23 Minutes


Firstly, let me just say the 2018 release of Baki is not for the faint of heart, I repeat if you are squeamish do not watch Baki. Initially, was actually really surprised with my limited knowledge of about 1500 kanji that I was able to comprehend most of the subtitles on the screen. Not only that, but since the vocabulary is so interesting – it keeps my listening attention laser focus. There are definitely some words that fly straight over my head, but they are mostly simple things. Another huge benefit of watching Baki in Japanese is that since the scenery is so graphic, I’ve been remembering certain phrases like the back of my hand


I wish to know defeat.


Tthe meaning behind your last words are…

These are the small things I appreciate when watching Baki in order to test out my reading and listening skills.


Netflix Original Marvel’s Luke Cage

Language: Japanese/English

Difficulty: Intermediate/ Upper Intermediate

Vocabulary Theme: Martial Arts/ Society/Economics/Crime/Superpowers

Episode Length: 60 Minutes


Luke Cage is a fantastic show to watch on Netflix to test your language comprehension skills. Not only does it revolve around real-life scenarios with a slightly amped up to superhero theme behind it, but it also does a decent job keeping your attention. The diverse array of scenarios will be sure to keep your mind bouncing back and forth different scenes and force you to make the connections yourself. One downside to watching Luke Cage in my target language is that the setting is based in Harlem – so the strength behind the dialectical tones become watered down a bit when listening to it in Japanese (the language of politeness).  One word I picked up recently is 免責 (menseki), it means an exemption, and with all of the criminal activity happening in this series you can imagine why this word was used.

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