Paris Syndrome Treatment

Paris Syndrome: Search For The Cure

What is the Paris Syndrome?

You may or may not have heard of the Paris Syndrome. This condition is rather odd but, it is alive and well. The Paris syndrome refers to tourists who’ve have gone to visit Paris and suddenly come down with an ailment. While it tends to impact the general audience of tourists the group that is most affected is the Japanese. In fact, The Japanese have a 24-hour hotline for any Japanese citizen that has been affected by this condition.

Japanese people crowded

Causes of Paris Syndrome

Japanese people are sometimes so confounded by Paris that they need to seek psychological help. We’re not sure but perhaps it was a bad bagel, croissant, or perhaps some Foie gras or spoiled duck fat. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t be feeling too well either if I was subjected to eating Foie gras. Many Japanese tourists get the wrong impression that Paris, France is some sort of romantic Paradise. We tend to get this idea from the movies: where we see Paris as this romantic getaway that we all want to go to and swoon over the person that we love. While Paris can be a wonderful city, it’s still influenced by the daily city life surrounding it. There are rude people in Paris, people who will yell at you for not speaking French (or speaking it and butchering it), as this happens in ‘normal cities’.

Is Paris the cause of Paris syndrome?

Factors of Paris Syndrome

While you will find many wonderful people in Paris, you will also find rude people like anywhere else in the world. The Japanese are accustomed to being polite as this is a part of their culture and language. Therefore, traveling to France can be a real culture shock when you meet people with different ideas. This is the main reason that the Japanese, as well as some other tourists, suffer from the Paris Syndrome. If you happen to end up in Paris one day, don’t be surprised if some old French lady hits you over the head with a crusty old baguette (Okay, highly unlikely scenario, but it can happen) if you don’t speak French.

The Japanese are simply not used to people that might be rude or crass. Most other people in the world are used to people yelling at them in traffic, for example. We’ve become so desensitized to people being rude to us that we just brush it off our shoulders and get on with our day. It’s not really the city of Paris, it’s more of human nature responding to human nature.

The Cure For Paris Syndrome

The Cure For The Paris Syndrome

There’s no real cure for the Paris Syndrome. It really is just a massive culture shock. If you were a tourist, you can naturally expect some people to give you strange looks or they might even be rude to you if you don’t speak their language. There is only one real cure for the Paris Syndrome, it is to just stay home. There will always be some random nincompoop who is rude to you because they all exist in this world to some degree or another.

Here is an entire book about the phenomenon, give it a read! Paris Syndrome


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