Whats Next After Duolingo

3 Things To Do After The Duolingo Esperanto Tree

3 Things To Do After The Duolingo Esperanto Tree

Congratulations! You’ve finished the Duolingo Esperanto Tree! You, along with countless others are probably thinking of your next move. Esperanto, unlike other ‘real’ languages, doesn’t have a designated country *although there are native speakers*. So, you can’t just pack your bags and say “I think I’ve got a good grasp on the language, maybe I’ll head over to Esperanta where the people speak Esperanto. However, there are some alternative methods whether you decide to stay in at home or travel. (Don’t worry Esperanto unlike other languages possess a global potential for connection and communication.

Duolingo Esperanto Completion Certificate

Here are some enjoyable ways that you can maintain your Esperanto skills post-Duolingo,

Evil DEA – If you haven’t heard of Evil DEA in the Esperanto community you must have been living under a sxtonego. This guy is like the modern Esperanto godfather of comedy, adventure and life itself. He has an entire YouTube channel dedicated to his Esperanto adventures and it’s mostly conducted in Esperanto. He also just recently became active on his Facebook page and continues to post about Esperanto occasionally. If you ever become bored and want to LOL in Esperanto, then Evil DEA is your go-to guy.

The Esperanto World Congress – Esperanto has a what? Yes, that’s right Esperanto, the conlang has a world congress. Better yet, it has a world congress that is well attended, and has been held for a consecutive streak of 113 years (minus WWI). The largest congress to ever be conducted was held in the birthplace of Esperanto, Poland in 1987.

What Happens At A Congress?

Okay, apologies. I made it sound just a bit more serious than it actually is, but the Congress is a time of excitement and celebration for the language. There are prizes, friendly speaking contests, singalongs, dinner parties and much more. The truly fascinating part of this is that since Esperanto belongs to no specific country, you’ll be faced with people from all four rounded corners of the globe. Imagine that – a language capable of such of thing…remarkable.

Become A Tutor Esperanto is by no means a difficult language, but like any languages, it requires considerable focus and long-term motivation. If you possess both of those things, then chances are that you’re liable to become an Esperanto tutor. Many learning platforms such as Italki, Wyzant, and Udemy has a variety of opportunities for those wanting to teach Esperanto. I’ve come across some decent tutors on Italki in my days of learning Esperanto, and the experiences were always informative and pleasant. So, become the change that you wish to see in the online language learning environment, and take your shot at becoming an educator.



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