3 Ways To Optimize Foreign Language Learning

3 Ways To Optimize Foreign Language Learning

Hahaha, first off let me start by saying “nice try” to all of the language learner’s looking for a cut corner method to learn their target language by next week. That is without a doubt, impossible – I’m deeply sorry to inform you’ll of that. However, there is a way in which you can optimize your learning methods to increase effectivity and production.

Cut Out Distractions – Learning a language takes incredible precision and focus. You are literally telling your brain to encode another system of communication so that you can use it long-term. The last thing you need is Netflix running in the background of your Duolingo profile! By minimizing the number of distractions, you also lessen the number of mistakes and frustrations to be made during your study time!

Talk To Your Fellow Language Learners – A huge part of language learning is communication, especially if you’re in a group that is learning the same language as you. Each of you may have your own individual problems, but collectively you’ll be able to solve nearly any grammatical riddle and support each other holistically. You are not in the struggle alone, ever. Millions, even billions of people want tot to achieve the same thing you want to achieve so don’t seclude yourself from the rest of the world, learn how to be actively proactive.


Find your interests – Think about what interests you when you’re in your native personality… have you got those things listed down? Now take those same interests and apply it to the personality of the language you are learning. Keep in mind that the average human has an attention span of 45 minutes, so having an interest in a particular niche will guide you through the language learning Journey.

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