Should I Major in a Foreign Language

Should You Major In A Foreign Language?

Should You Major in A Foreign Language?

Well, you have made it to college in the 21st-century congratulations. Cars are not flying yet but science sure is making some major headway. You wonder if there is any worth in majoring in anything BUT a science. There is a common misconception that every major outside of the sciences is “lesser”. However, that is simply not the case in a world that is quickly approaching a global sense of recognition. Majoring in a foreign language can open a world of possibilities, and if you are wondering what foreign language you should learn, college is the perfect opportunity.

Why Should I Major in A Foreign Language
Hand turning a selection knob with many different flags around it. Concept of languages and multilingual support.

I entered college as a Numerical Computation, Computer Science double major, switching to Art/Computer Science, then switching over to Natural Science… and finally, I settled down with an Asian Studies major with a focus in Japanese.  In about my Junior year of college, I decided that I also wanted to major in Japanese. So, with a little bit of schedule adjustments and I had a double major in Asian Studies and Japanese. People always ask me just what in the hell am I planning to do with that. More specifically these three questions:

  1. How are you going to pay your rent?
  2. How are you going to pay your student loans?
  3. Where are, you going to work?
Majoring in a Foreign Langauge
We Language Majors Don’t Struggle That Much


The Reality of Majoring in a Foreign Language

Just for the record, foreign language major jobs are in huge demand…I mean HUGE demand.  To give you a quick fact check, the total number of Mandarin Chinese speakers in the world equates to 14.4%. The international value placed on a language is PRICELESS. The globe is quickly becoming more tight nit. The amount inter-cultural exchange that will take place within the next decade will be unprecedented.

20 Foreign Language Job Opportunities

  1. UN Interpreter, UN Editor, UN Translator
  2. Language Teacher
  3. Translator
  4. Diplomatic Work
  5. Immigration
  6. Flight Attendants
  7. Court Room Interpretation (Providing you have some background in the law of course)
  8. Medical Interpretation (Providing you have some background in medicine)
  9. Full Time Language Learning Blogger
  10. Full-Time Traveling Blogger
  11. Work at a Pre-School
  12. Peace Corps Volunteer Work
  13. Italki Tutor
  14. Wyzant Tutor
  15. Develop Language Learning App (Background in software may be needed)
  16. International Student Recruiter
  17. College Admissions Representative
  18. CIA
  19. FBI
  20. NSA
Work In Secret Service With A Foreign Language
Even translate top secret documents


My Ten-Year Plan with My Foreign Language Major?

  • May 2018 – Graduate with a B.A in Asian Studies/ Japanese
  • October 2018 – Monbukagakusho Research Student – Topic: Second Language Acquisition 
  • October 2020- 2022: Obtain Master’s Degree in International Communication (Japan)
  • October 2022-24: Obtain Doctorate’s Degree in International Communication (Japan)
  • October 2024- 25: Translation / Interpretation School (Japan)
  • October 2025- 2027: Freelancer Translator/ Interpreter (For Experience)
  • October 2028 – Join the United Nations as either an Interpreter or Translator for multiple languages (Japanese, Spanish (Mexican), English, Swahili, Mandarin Chinese, French, Portuguese)


Disclaimer Alert:

With all the jobs listed above, you need to have a pinpoint accuracy and comprehension of the language. There is little to no room for mistakes, as this is your SPECIALTY of course. So, practice, practice, practice and answer your calling!

Here is a video from one of my favorite polyglot channels Langfocus, here he explains just exactly what you can do with a foreign language.




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