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Learning 3 Languages At Once

Many professional linguists would suggest that if you have an affinity for learning languages or you are interested in improving your fluency, you may want to consider learning several languages at once. As languages around the world can often be connected by certain primer words and a series of meanings, you may actually have an easier time learning languages as your mind is beginning the process of picking up a brand new language. The idea of taking on three languages at the same time may seem like a challenge you can’t overcome but it can actually be very beneficial:

Your mind is primed for learning: While you are taking on language learning, your mind and its chemistry will change considerably(or you might go crazy) , which ever comes first. When children are in school they often have improved working memory, executive functions and cognitive quickness. If you are willing to take on the same task with three languages its likely your brain can start to get conditioned into learning languages can help when you’re trying to learn them all at once.

Effeciency: If you are going to be traveling to regions where there are several languages spoken, they can often be much more efficient to learn all, rather than take the risk that you might not be able to communicate in just one region. However you may want to pick out a region before travelling if you know that’ll be the case. Even picking up a few basics can better prepare you to communicate across your journey or business dealings.

You can learn vast similarities and differences to improve your understanding of each language: sometimes having multiple languages to compare one word to can really help it to click in your mind. Even knowing the vast differences in sounds between languages can help you to have a primer for learning and repetition over time.

Keep these ideas in mind if you want to take on language learning. It could be more beneficial to take on three languages at once!

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