Learning Swahili 1 Month Progress

It’s been about a month since I started learning Swahili, and I must say it is much easier than my second tongue (Japanese). The nouns and verbs do this super useful thing where they connect instead of separate to form one word. And the plural and singular devices are attached to the beginning of nouns instead of at the end. For instance, watoto means children but if it was mtoto, it would mean child. There is an entire system for distinguishing what prefixes to use for various kinds of nouns but as far as I can tell for now m and wa are relatively safe for humans…and elephants. People say that having prior knowledge of a second language can greatly reduce the time needed to become fluent in another- not because of any scientific reason (although I’m sure there is some research on this), but because you already know what you’re doing and what works best for you.


What Am I Using?

I  WAS using Glossika but it became a bit too pricey for me, I’ll pick it back up when I get a job and can afford 30$  a month. I’ve decided to fall back on good ole faithful aka Memrise for vocabulary and repetition practice.

Pen and paper is always a classic- writing enforces things better than looking at them on a screen – something to do with nerve cells adapting the stroke of your hand with the electric signals being sent to your brain (researched by the way).

Italki is about to go on the roster I’ve managed to find a very cheap teacher, and a language exchange tutor, so we’ll start our speaking lessons in about a week.


What Can I Do?

  • Pluralize things/ Make things Singular (Singularize????)
  • Pronounce words
  • Say basic sentences – Introductions, what someone is doing (briefly), describe weather (briefly)



-Island Boy Dro

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