10 Step Guide To Using Italki

Overcome your limits, learn a language with italki

Italki is a productive and powerful online language learning tool. Although for many people it is just a language learning site with the help of the erudite teachers, in reality, it has much more to offer.

How To Use Italki

  1. Make a free account
  2. Enter your email address and password
  3. Choose your language and where you are from
  4. Open your email to click on the confirmation link
  5. You are good to go now
  6. Now to get someone to correct you writing for free, go to the ‘Community’ tab, you will find it at the top of the page of the italki website, then choose ‘Notebook.’
  7. Click on ‘my notebook entries.’ Write down anything that you feel like before you submit it. You will receive the correction in no time at all. Exchange the good gesture for those who are seeking to learn your language.
  8. To get a free language exchange partner, go to the community and click ‘language partner.
  9. Find the partner who is seeking to learn your language and can teach you the language you want to learn. Search the profile a bit before sending a friendly message. Then you get to speak the language the partner wants for half of the time and for the other half he/she speaks the language you want to learn.
  10. In case you don’t have enough time and are not interested in exchange partner, you can look up for a teacher. For the teacher, you will have to pay.

Searching for A Teacher

Wisely decide upon the teacher. Carefully read and watch the videos they have uploaded, their whereabouts, experience, everything! The entirety of their profile should meet your needs. Those in their infancy especially should pick teachers who have experience with the beginners. And yes, if a teacher is expensive – that doesn’t mean he is the best for you. Quality over cost in this scenario.

You can start off with just an audio session on skype and switch to the video once you are comfortable.

Bring Something for Your Teacher to Know Where You Stand

Preparing something when you start is always helpful. Certainly, your teacher doesn’t expect you to be a master, but it will help them focus on the things that need to be worked upon. They will be better able to devise a plan of action for your needs. Also, this will show your seriousness and willingness to learn. Come up with topics to talk about, write about anything, or discuss any video or current topic of your interest.

Communication between you and your teacher is extremely important. You have to work together. Make sure you schedule your classes if there is anything you need or would want to learn you should inform your teacher beforehand.

A bonus point of Italki is  that you are able to learn many things about the world and its respective cultures, not just languages. Also, you can learn about different places and maybe you get to plan a trip to a place you have never thought of before. Or maybe it is on your bucket list but you have your doubts which can be wiped out with the help of the other person.

Italki is a boon if used properly. Good luck!

Click here to register and get a free 10$ in credit for your first lesson(s), courtesy of Worldly Words.

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