Memrise- The Art of Spaced Repetition

Apply this memory hack to your language learning journey!

Memrise – The Art Of Spaced Repetition

Did you know that you can hack into the mainframe of your brain and control it by using one simple method? Spaced repetition, a study technique, is the secret key that helps you in unlocking doors of your room.

What Really Is Spaced Repetition?

All of us are always for one reason or another look for ways to increase the efficiency of our brain and learn more effectively. One of the most fruitful and strong methods is spaced repetition. Spaced repetition resembles the flashcards technique that you employed when you were younger and tried to squeeze out the tables from your poor brain!

What distinguishes spaced repetition from the deck of flashcards is the use of the algorithm by which enhances the learning process by displaying cards only when it thinks you have forgotten, or on the verge of forgetting the material. The number of times that you forget or get the answer right is recorded, and then depending on that it decided the next time the card is revealed to you.

The Software for Spaced Repetition Software

Many of the spaced repetition programs function similarly to the manual style of memorizing things using flashcards. The items to be learned are entered into the program in pairs of questions-answers. When one if the member from the pair is displayed at its due time, the person must answer.  Once the user has answered, he/she can check manually to see if the answer was right or wrong. Depending on that the user tells the program of the difficulty faced during answering. The program then times the pairs according to the spaced repetition algorithm. If the user works without a program, he/she has to schedule flashcards, this is time-consuming, and the user is restricted to simple algorithms.

Other functions of the Software

  • The questions/answers can be made in a sound file to help with the speaking
  • Pairs can automatically be generated
  • You might find additional information, such as sentences.
  • The opportunity to combine spaced repetition with online community function


It is an online site that employs spaced repetition, to help you learn and control your learning preferences. It has a catalogue of most used and popular decks in every language that users share. You can easily learn the most used words of any foreign language which is in the form of the list called the frequency list. If a person manages to learn 500 popular words of any language, he covers up to 80% of that language. This helps you to grasp the grammar and other elements of the language quickly. When you start to use Memrise you will find that there is a pre-built frequency deck of almost all the languages. For further assistance with pronunciation, certain courses allow you to access diction practice. To employ a more enjoyable experience, there are memes too; which are a picture/word mixture to help you with the learning and pronunciation of the words.

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Hack into your own brain with the help of spaced repetition and make learning easy for yourself!





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