Language Learning In The 21st Century: Tips and Tricks

Language learning in the 21st century has become very different from the idea of traditional classroom study. With so many free language learning programs where you can learn complex languages like Japanese or even take on a study at home online, there’s no need to go to university or even enroll in night programs to pick up a brand new language. Here are some other top resources for language learning in the 21st century that have some of the most efficient results for language learning:

  • Applications: applications like duolingo and more (Lingq, beelingua, Wanikani, Anki, Memrise) can provide people with daily study and an experience for language learning that plays more like a game.  These applications with the exception of Anki makes language learning seem like a game, and effectively use SRS to aid in memorization. Duolingo in particular remains one of the top grossing apps in the language market with a toppling 150 million users worldwide.


  • Take lessons over skype: Many native language speakers will actually provide private lessons in the comfort of your own home over skype. You can often find language learning specialists over skype and on a number of freelance platforms. Learning a language from a native speaker can often be better because you will have a better chance to learn correct pronunciation and how to speak much more naturally as compared to regimented classroom learning. Also don’t forget about the famous Italki.


  • Immersion: Learning a language by immersing yourself in it can often be one of the best ways to pick it up and further your language studies. Even if you can’t afford a one-way ticket to going live in a country where your language is spoken, you can perform immersion tasks every day by watching some of your favorite films in a language you are targeting to learn or listening to music in that language. With free video hosting platforms like YouTube you can find a wealth of content in almost any language that you can immerse yourself in or check out some foreign films and foreign music on Spotify and Netflix!


Keep some of these top ideas in mind for learning a language in the 21st century.

Wells, Jonathan. “How to Learn a Language in Super-Fast Time.” The Telegraph, Telegraph Media Group, 9 May 2017,

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