Why The World Needs To Become Bilingual

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If more people were willing to take on the idea of bilingualism in their daily education, we could experience a number of advantages as world citizens. Speaking more than one language has benefits not only just for communicating with people around the world but for individuals as well. If the world were to become much more bilingual every individual citizen could experience some of these top advantages and more:

  1. Better learning capabilities: picking up a new language can actually help to reprogram your brain and in a way make you much more able to pick up new concepts, new languages and more. By picking up a new language, you can make sure that your brain could pick up a number of other languages and concepts such as mathematics, new grammar and writing techniques, assistance with learning music and more.
  2. Better connections worldwide: learning a new language can make you a better listener as well as ensure that you can form connections with other people. This could go a long way towards people of different cultures interacting with peace and prosperity. Having a greater understanding and the ability to communicate with one another could offer a huge advantage in business and in connecting cultures worldwide.
  3. Problem-solving and critical analysis: learning the language and being able to discover the history and teaching of a different culture can help you to problem solve in entirely new ways. Learning a language can also give you some added confidence ensuring that you can feel much more prepared in everyday life.

As the world continues to become more bilingual and more people continue to take on language study, it’s likely that we will see smarter, more confident and more peaceful people as world citizens.

The Advantages of Being Bilingual.” Averican Speech-Language-Hearing Association, ASHA, http://www.asha.org/public/speech/development/The-Advantages-of-Being-Bilingual/.


One thought on “Why The World Needs To Become Bilingual

  1. I’ll always be a bit salty about the fact that my school didn’t offer a foreign language earlier than high school. I loved learning Spanish but by the time graduation came I didn’t care and just wanted to leave haha. But now that I’m older I completely agree with what you said and am planning on taking courses to learn Japanese 🙂

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