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New Year’s Resolution 2018

Last year I learned over 750 kanji systematically, and of course that still isn’t enough in the realm of Japanese, but it did cut down a huge amount in this journey. Kanji did take a huge toll on my other skills however, therefore I don’t want to focus so much on kanji this year. In my opinion kanji  takes a massive amount of focus and mental power, so it is simply better to learn them passively through various means of exposure.

Communication is what I am after this year; naturally speaking skills lag behind all other attributes in language learning, mainly because your training your mouth how to move all over again. Therefore I’ll be aiming to make weekly videos showcasing my speaking skills progressively getting better (hopefully). I’ll be adding word lists to the website, and from those lists a set of new vocabulary to be utilized in each video. In this way I can hone in on certain topics and expand my vocabulary and understanding of them that way (I’m thinking this is a seriously effective language learning method that is overlooked too.) When you actually narrow it down to a certain topic, things become easier and your tongue starts to move faster just because it knows where its going.

Oh and I am planning for Japan October 2018, I applied for the Monbukagakusho scholarship and get results this week. I’ll get the scholarship ( I spoke it into existence about 5 years ago…and its finally come to fruition.)


Island Boy Dro




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