Language Learning

New Year’s Resolution Complete 2017

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


Last year I decided to jump-start my kanji journey through an online application known as wanikani (which in Japanese means craballigator). My new year’s resolution was to learn as many kanji as possible within a year starting January 1st, 2017.  Its been a roller coaster with days, sometimes even weeks of nonproductive behavior, but after it all (blood, sweat and tears ). I’ve managed to add an impressive 730 kanji to my arsenal within a year…and to that I say KANNNNNNNNPAAAAIIIIII!!!!

Of course my other Japanese skills have taken a bit of a hit due to the immense focus kanji requires, but at least I’m able to read 70% of the things I pick up now. I don’t feel so obsolete after 4 years of studying the language anymore. Furthermore, an exchange student from Japan came to our university and I surprised myself when I noticed I could communicate with her with very little difficultly. I still become extremely hesitant when she calls my Japanese interesting, but for the most part I take it as a compliment.



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